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  1. Sea World to open new park sans Orcas?

    December 14, 2016 by Iggy

    Orca proformsIt seems so. According to this AP story in the New York Times, the newest Sea World, set to open in Abu Dhabi in 2022, will not have any orcas trapped in captivity. No word on whether dolphins will be so favored. But it’s still nice to see Sea World may actually be paying attention.

    photo credit: mliu92 North Point 9739 via photopin (license)

  2. General Tso has left the building

    December 5, 2016 by Iggy

    General Tso's Chicken
    While it may not be real Chinese or even refer to a real person, General Tso’s remains a fond memory for many of us. And now, it seems, the chef responsible for it has passed on. Let us raise a Crab Rangoon in his honer. For more information, visit here.
    photo credit: TaylorB90 #205 – General Tso’s via photopin (license)

  3. Use a towel, get shot

    June 21, 2015 by Iggy

    Towel on a bar Nobody tell Authur Dent but it seems carrying a towel in Los Angeles can get you shot. An unnamed man flagged down police and extended his arm, which was wrapped in a towel. The officer responding yelled at him to, “drop the gun” and when he didn’t, he was shot.

    Now this is just a theory, but if you’re not actually carrying a gun, being told to drop it is going to be just a bit confusing. How do you drop something you don’t have? Possibly the officer should have said something like, “show your hands”?
    photo credit: Towel via photopin (license)

  4. Worst gun safety fail … ever?

    April 25, 2014 by Iggy

    Bad gun safetyI’ve always cringed when the male hero in a movie picks up a handgun and shoves it down the front of his pants. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really not comfortable pointing a loaded firearm at my junk.

    So you can probably imagine the cringe factor was off the chart for me when I ran across this story. A young lady, and I use that phrase very loosely, was arrested in Tennessee for driving with a suspended license. As she was being processed into jail, a rather unpleasant and unwelcome discovery was made. It seems she felt her, ahem, lady parts were a good place to conceal a loaded handgun. I refuse to even contemplate what possible use she was expecting to made of this weapon.

    photo credit: wstryder via photopin cc

  5. You’d think Paula Deen would learn to shut her mouth

    February 28, 2014 by Iggy

    Paula Deenbut it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. After been lambasted for continuing to promote her high-fat, high-carb style of food even after she’d be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and then seeing her career come crashing down around her ears after she admitted to using a racial epithet, she still doesn’t seem to be able to belt up.

    So what’s the new missed opportunity for Ms. Deen? She apparently thinks having a penchant for opening her mouth without engaging her brain is just like being a gay football player. No Paula, Michael Sam is a brave young man, you’re merely a fool.

  6. Might this be taking celebrity worship a bit far?

    February 28, 2014 by Iggy

    CharcuterieA company called BiteLabs is planning to take celebrity’s muscle stem cells, grow them and then use them to produce cured meat products.

    Now while, in a state of drunken exuberance, I may have suggested that I’d like to eat certain (female) celebrities, this is most certainly not what I had in mind. Leaving aside any possible issues with cannibalism, is there really any demand for this? A quick survey of a few people sitting around me produced a universal reaction, “Yuck!”

    On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted a bit of Katy Perry on a bun, you just might get your chance.

    photo credit: djwtwo via photopin cc

  7. Surplus? WTF?

    February 10, 2014 by Iggy

    GiraffeAnger Erupts After Danish Zoo Kills a ‘Surplus’ Giraffe

    Not really sure what I have to add to this one. Possibly just this: when are we going to start getting rid of surplus people? I have a list if anyone needs a starting point.

    photo credit: ucumari via photopin cc

  8. So if I sit really close to the fireplace, I become fireproof?

    January 13, 2014 by Iggy

    Fighting a FireThe More Fires Firefighters Are Exposed to, the More Heat Resistant They Become

    photo credit: Adventures with my dogs via photopin cc


  9. A Starship Troopers reboot?

    December 30, 2013 by Iggy

    Starship Troopers coverI’m really not sure we need to ‘reboot’ every movie that’s more than a few years old but I do have to admit to looking forward to the Starship Troopers reboot.

    I loved the book when I was a kid and, Doogie Howser as a pseudo-Nazi aside, the movie was a major disappointment. Where was the powered armor? And why did nobody think to bring grenades?

    Here’s hoping they do the book justice. Although the coed shower scene could probably stay …

    photo credit: emme-dk via photopin cc

  10. NYPD eliminates threatening … parakeet?

    December 12, 2013 by Iggy

    BudgieApparently having tired of shooting innocent bystanders, the New York Police Department has turned to the latest threat to rear it’s ugly head. Parakeets.

    While investigating an orange cone placed in the street, possibly to hold a parking space, officers asked Edwin Avellanet for his identification. Mr. Avellanet, having done nothing wrong, reasonably refused. I always thought “Your papers, please” was part of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not America. I stand corrected.

    The police then attempted to restrain him but he ran into the house. The officers, without benefit of a warrant, forced their way into the home and reportedly beat several of the residents before arresting them. In the course of all this, the bird’s cage was knocked over and it’s occupant thrown to the floor. When one of the residents yelled at the policeman to be careful of the animal on the floor, the cop said, “F-ck the bird” and stomped on it, according to court records.

    So when you go to bed at night, having suffered no parakeet attacks that day, be thankful for the thin blue line that stands between you and a flock of rampaging parakeets.

    photo credit: maury.mccown via photopin cc